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Aug. 24th, 2016 08:54 pm
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NAME: Zara
AGE: 26
CONTACT: [ profile] werepuppy
CHARACTERS PLAYED: Kamala Khan, Buffy Summers, Merida


NAME: Gendry
CANON: Game of Thrones
AGE: Somewhere between 19 and 21 - he's not actually sure of the right age.
CANON POINT: After he went rowing off in that little boat at the end of season 3. HE HAS TO BE SOMEWHERE, why not here?

BACKGROUND: Please look here!

INCENTIVE: Gendry's incentive would be along the lines of a redemption of sorts. He feels incredibly guilty about having left the way he did, particularly as to how it affected Arya. He does not regret... Well, actually now? Now he regrets the decision a lot but wanting to not serve anymore is still important to him. That being said, considering what he knows about his family? It's not top priority. Apart from making sure he does not get leeched dry by the Red Witch, Gendry's priority is to try to make things right. He's not even sure if Arya is alive, or if she made it to her family, but he wants to try to make things right. And he's not sure how to do that. He's hoping that - somehow - Eudio will give him the chance to fix things.

FIT: Gendry is the common man, the every day person of Westeros who just wants to live and work normally. In that respect, Eudio is the perfect fit for him as it gives him the chance to have the normal, peaceful life that the War has always prevented him from having. While he doesn't really talk much to people, he is quite personable once you get to know him. He's helpful, kind, and ironically if he wasn't an illegitmate child, he'd have been the perfect Prince for Westeros. Or a possible King. (If he ever gets found, he still might be a good King, though that's really not what he wants, at all.) Eudio would be the simple life that he is the best at giving.

CONSENT: Gendry understands consent very well if only because he had a very unfortunate incident with leeches. Thank you, Red Witch - and yes, he will refer to her as that because acknowledging her name means acknowleding what she did to him and how she used him. At least, in his mind. It's just... It's nothing he would want anyone else to experience as he felt embarrassed, and ashamed, and angry with himself because he let himself be led into it. He never wants anyone to feel the way he does about it all.

SAMPLES: Test Drive, Sample 2



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