Dec. 31st, 2036 01:27 pm
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Not that I get raven, but they c'n be left 'ere, I guess


Dec. 30th, 2036 01:33 pm
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Dec. 28th, 2036 06:48 pm
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Gendry. Waters
Smith. Good at fixing things.


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On S7 Spoilers and the Mun being Trash

You going to stop lookin' like that?

What happens happens, we don't have a choice over it. It isn't like you were hanging around like this last season...

Yes, I am glad I'm off the boat. Even if I wasn't on the boat but ...

No. Stop it. She'll be with her family. That's ... it's important.

[Gendry is not pleased with his mundane. Forgive her, for she has fandom feels]

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About an AMA Thread with his "Uncle"

... He's wrong. He's got to be.

There's no way that I could do it. Step forward and claim the Iron Throne? I'm a bastard! Bastard's don't win thrones, we get ignored and forgotten about and try to live out a normal life for as long as we can. I can't just... I can't just expect people to fight for me because my blood relates me to a dead King that just grew fat on the Throne, and slept with more women than his own wife.

They've been fightin' too long as it is. Fightin's almost over - they don't need a new round startin' up. The dragon stories are that - stories! An' the Whitewalkers...

How could he ask me to do it? Make a claim for the Throne? I couldn't...

But they've taken over the North now. And the North will fight to win itself back, that's what he meant, right? And then there's some... girl from a family that they fought against because te king was mad and wanted everyone dead but now the girl's coming back and...

Seven hells.

I might... I might have to do this, mun.

How the hells does that even work?

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Just Picked Him Up...

Stop tellin' people you just took me out of a rowing boat in the middle of the ocean. That's not what happened, an' you know it. Even if you think the image is hilarious, it's not where I am, and not what I'm doing. He's not me, and I'm not him, even if we're both the same person. I think. You know, suddenly dropping all this.. stuff on a person means it's a lot for them to take in.

And I know what we've got to do. We need to find her and make sure she's okay, that she's ... she's alive. I let her go off on her own and if she's dead, it's my fault. Nothin' can make up for it, but I can try.

...I'll give the other version one thing. It's nice to know. He was a fat bastard, and even in Flea Bottom people knew he fathered more than his true-born... but it's something. Knowing where you come from. It's something.

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